About Our Group

Louis Bradica

Louis is a full time sales representative, a part time landlord, a husband and father of 2 young boys.  He loves selling real estate and is passionate about ensuring each of his clients walks away from their real estate transaction loving the experience they had with him.  It means the world to Louis that his clients are treated like his friends and family and that he exceeds their expectations making them want to tell everyone they know of their amazing experience.

Louis has been living in Durham Region for over 40 years and has been a contributing member to the community with such things participating annually in Keller Williams RED days and the annual Keller Williams Energy Turkey Drive to provide a full Christmas dinner to those in need in our community.


Linda has lived in Durham Region for over 21 years and has seen it grow to the thriving metropolis it now is.  She is a loving, devoted and caring mother of two amazing adult children and married to her high school sweetheart.  The same passion Linda has towards her family carries through to the commitment she shows to each of her clients.  She wants the very best for all of her clients by helping them to find a place they will love to call home.  Linda's professional background in the Therapeutic Industries has helped her to achieve masterful listening skills as well as patience and the ability to create a comforting atmosphere. 

It's not about finding a house, it's about finding the perfect match for each of her clients.  Linda educates her buyers and sellers during the process, communicating throughout and providing a wealth of market knowledge.  It is important to Linda that her clients make informed decisions, so they are confident about their choices.  Her proactive approach to prospecting for her clients is handled with daily lead generation activities and constant communication with others. 




Kaiyla has always had a passion for helping others and has had the opportunity to be involved in careers that do just that! She started off her professional career in the dental field where she was able to help people create healthy lifestyle changes and make their smile dreams come true. Now, she gets to open doors for people and help make their life goals come true. She places importance on making connections with people and talking about the goals they have and how she can help to achieve them. Kaiyla understands how important Real Estate is in a person’s life and she feels privileged to be a part of the adventure with you. 

Kaiyla has lived in the Durham Region her whole life so she knows what it means to call it home. When not focusing on real estate, she enjoys riding her motorcycle or going to the cottage to spend time with her family.

Tammy lewis

sales representative 

Tammy is a lifelong resident of the Durham Region and often remarks that she feels like a lifelong resident of the local real estate industry as well! Entering the business in 1984, Tammy began her career on the secretarial side of operations, so she has a deep understanding of the key components that impact every transaction and the multitude of steps that require fulfillment from the time the listing paperwork gets signed until well after the boxes have been unpacked. As a result, Tammy has developed the skills and systems that streamline the moving process for her clients, ensuring that each transaction is dealt with in an enjoyable, hassle free fashion and to the very highest level of her clients' satisfaction.

A stickler for accuracy, timeliness and efficiency, Tammy has successfully negotiated a profusion of contracts over the course of her lauded career and brings a wealth of experience to the table for the clients she represents. With uncompromising consistency, Tammy has cultivated a reputation in the industry for scrupulous ethics and reliable results. Her core competency is in serving her community - the neighbourhoods, amenities, and history that she knows so very well and can speak to with impressive ease and insight. A strong sales background has made Tammy a sought-after commodity in the industry and beloved among her past and present clients.

Mallory Ginman

sales representative

Real estate was simply a natural fit for Mallory, who grew up in a real estate household and therefore speaks fluent real estate! Always fascinated by the important role a realtor plays in the fulfilling of a family’s dreams and goals, and wanting to be part of that process. 

Mallory harnesses all of the social media, promo and tech support available and couples it with her exceptional communication and customer service skills. Her millennial insight into the needs and wants of today’s buyers ensures a wonderful transaction where her innate finesse and superior negotiating strategies take center stage to the ultimate benefit of her clients. Dedicated to client satisfaction, Mallory knows the supreme value of word of mouth recommendation, and seeks to build lifetime relationships with her clients as their trusted advisor.
Always knowledgeable and informed, she works tirelessly to find the perfect homes for her buyers and the perfect buyers for her homes. Every task is formula driven and detail oriented, as Mallory is building her success on a platform of unparalleled commitment to excellence!



Introducing Julie Papineau, a professional and reliable bilingual (French) realtor in the Durham Region.

With 10 years experience in the real estate industry, Julie possesses a wide range of skills and understanding when it comes to her clients and their real estate goals.

Armed with an honours education in hospitality management, Julie knows the importance of excellent client service and thrives on fostering relationships that create clients for life. 

Whether you are buying, selling or investing, Julie is sure to exceed your expectations and make your real estate dreams come true.

heather mcinnes

Heather provides the organization and administrative glue to our group. She has been able to combine her love of law and real estate with her position as a licensed real estate assistant. During her 8 years with the LB Group, she has watched as Louis has grown his team into the fabulous group of agents and admin it is today.

Heather has lived in Durham Region for most of her life, most currently in Bowmanville with her husband and 2 teen boys. She loves to spend time with her family at home or travelling to see more of our beautiful country.


Taylor has recently evolved into the world of real estate after recently graduating from Durham College and becoming part of our group. She has always had a passion for learning and growing which is definitely something she will be able to continue to do with this career choice. She has plans to eventually become a licensed realtor but is working on the administrative side to learn as much as she can about buying, selling and everything in-between.

Taylor has always called Hamilton home, but if home really is where the heart is, Durham has stolen that title.